Peter's diary on DEC. 4, 2007

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Peter's diary on DEC. 4, 2007

Post by banlong on Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:50 am

Recently I’m thinking why so many people go to the gym. They must be afraid of getting fat or out of physical shape. In fact fear is in everyone’s mind. For instance, someone works hard for fear of poverty. Someone washes himself twice in a day for fear of smelly feet. Someone forces himself to use the bedsheet with pattern of Spider-Man though he prefers a bedsheet of pink color…However, fear can also become a power, a driving. What are the fears in your heart?

note: “slave of fear”. Can you guess how many kinds of slaves are there in the Ark of fear?

If I have chance I’d like to try a parachute jump, which I want more than anything else. Actually, I’m suffering from acrophobia ( I don’t know how I endured hanging on the steel wire as I acted in ancient drama)... I believe I can surely overcome my acrophobia after a parachute jump. From then on I’ll become spunky. And many things in my life will change too.
Because I have passed the severest test! However, I’ll sign an agreement with the person who boards the plane with me. I have to say that whatever excuse I madebefore I jump off the plane, no matter go down on my knees begging for mercy or bribe him, he must treat my words as nonsense. All in a word, throw me down.

In fact when I was small my second elder sister made me overcome my greatest weakness----being ticklish. At that time my second elder sister’s mind was really strange. She knew I was ticklish, so she always looked for chance to have me on. In the beginning, if I ask her a favour, she’ll tickle me for ten seconds. The next time she doubled my pain. She required me to keep motionless as she tickled me. The third time I couldn’t have any actions and sounds. The ultimate col was I had to say “ Sister, I most like you to tickle me, thank you, I’m enjoying it” as being tickled. This was supposed to be a kind of domestic violence… But seeing from another angle, she let me throw off a weakness. Although everyone say the man who isn’t ticklish won’t love his wife dearly, I have my own difficulties…

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Re: Peter's diary on DEC. 4, 2007

Post by fang2 on Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:14 pm

banlong, thankss a bunch Very Happy
U r the best!!

Spiderman..... clown Peter's so funny to write like that.

HAHAHAHA Peter is sooo cute to share with us his childhood story.
I'm laughing loudly when reading about what P's 2nd elder sis did to P when he's still a kid. Just imagine how little P had to endure the "torture". Peter is so self-determined to overcome his weakness. See how he finds an idea to have a parachute jump. Surprised

About the last sentence : "A man who is not ticklish won't love his wife dearly" Very Happy I also often heard about this here. Very Happy

Not only his acting but also his creative funny stories plus drawing makes me love him more and more....... I love you

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