09 Dec '07 Peter Ho Releases Single for Charity

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09 Dec '07 Peter Ho Releases Single for Charity

Post by tumn tumn on Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:26 am

I read this article on Peter's new single & I thought I could share it with all his non-chinese reading fans. After translating this article, I just hope I could be in Mainand China to grab the opportunities to donate several bucks for charity (in fact, I want the EP more... lol! ) It's super worth for value, read on & you'll know...

Source of news: http://www.herundong.com/shownews.asp?id=138



He Run Tong Releases Single for Charity

Yesterday, He Run Tong's latest single, "I Only Care About You" was broadcasted in 31 local broadcasting stations of 23 cities nationwide. In order to complement with the charity theme, Peter will carry out large scale charity activities in every city of Mainland beginning from 26th December. Fans only require to contribute above RMB 5 as donation to the public welfare activity, "I Want To Go To School" organised by Music Radio's Sound of Music, and will obtain a worth-for-value single CD, "I Only Care About You".

The song "I Only Care About You" is taken from Teresa Teng's classic love song of the same title, being rework on the lyrics and music by Peter Ho's good friend, Zhang Ke Fan. The limited edition EP does not only contain this single, but also contains Peter's self-direct and self-perform MV, as well as, a short story of the same name.
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Re: 09 Dec '07 Peter Ho Releases Single for Charity

Post by fang2 on Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:23 pm

tumn tumn, thanks for the translation Very Happy

U sound like me. I wish I were in Mainland when Peter's so popular there. Very Happy Wow, 23 cities ..... Peter'll be so busy by the end of this year.

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