08/03/02 The Charity Stars Meeting ends perfectly , Shanghai

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08/03/02 The Charity Stars Meeting ends perfectly , Shanghai

Post by banlong on Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:54 am

The Charity Stars Meeting ends perfectly , Shanghai’s night is lightened by love

Soho Entertainment news, for the first time, dozens of state-level charities gather on the New Entertainment Stars Meeting. Such a large scale chritable activity is unprecedented in Shanghai. As the first domestic charity stars program , “Lightening Moving Star”, producted by SMG ( Shanghai Media Group) New Entertainment , has raised more than 11,000,000 RMB in number since 2006, helped families all over the country.

On March 1 evening , as an annual sum-up of “Lightening Moving Star” program, the New Entertainment Stars Meeting is held grandly in DRAGON TV theatre in Shanghai. Fourteen stars get the titles of “Charity Star”. Fan Bingbing and Su Youpeng obtain the title of “Geatest Appeal Charity Star”. Xu Fan and Zhou Huimin become “Greatest Influence Charity Star”.

The “ Most Moving Charity Star ” of 2007, voted by audience, is won by Taiwan entertainer Peter Ho. He has participated “Lightening Moving Star” program for many times. As the honored guest of “Hold Love Up, Dance Celebration” program of this year , Peter Ho even takes the lead to plow snow in the streets and collects money for charity.

Jet Li, the international Kungfu star who initiates “One Foundation”, organizes strategic partnership with SMG on the New Entertainment Stars Meeting. Yao Ming, now treating wound of his feet far in America, also delivers blessing by video tape.

Vedio on line: http://v.sohu.com/20080301/n255461792.shtml


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