18 Oct '07~ Making His New MV, He Rundong and ...

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18 Oct '07~ Making His New MV, He Rundong and ...

Post by fang2 on Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:25 am

新浪娱乐讯 周杰伦斥资300万搭建西部牛仔棚为新歌《我很忙》拍摄MV;而何润东也为自己在11月将推出的单曲《我只在乎你》砸下200万,并再次自导、自演,更邀请了在游鸿明《倦鸟余花》MV中亮丽演出的名模-亚馨担任女主角。二人还在水深3.8呎、5度以下水温,缠绵10小时。



  从《黑色翅膀》到《我只在乎你》这二支由他自导、自演的MV;何润东可以说都卯足了劲!他说:我对很多事情都很执着!我不希望只是拿着我当导演的名义去发一些新闻!我是想让大家看到我认真的作品!所以我也常和我的经纪人开玩笑说:你们年底去报甚么音乐奖项,我都无意见!但千万别忘记帮我的MV报名!因为它比我得甚么奖还更有值得。何润东拍完MV后当天就飞往西安去参加一个活动,下星期会返台亲自剪好这支MV,预计《我只在乎你》这支MV 11月会在全亚洲各地播出。另外;由于《我只在乎你》这支MV有高难度及危险的镜头,经纪人也拍摄那二天,特别为何润东和女主角亚馨各投保一仟万的保险。

credit: http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=276357153k

07/10/18 Making His New MV, He Rundong and the Supermodel Tangled up in the Water for 10 Hours.

Sina entertainment news reported that Zhou Jielun (Jay Zhou) spent NT$ 3,000,000 to build the cowboy awning for his new MV "Im So Busy"; while He Rundong spent NT$ 2,000,000 for his new single tune "I Will Only Care about You" that will be promoted in November. He self-directed the MV making and invited a supermodel to hold the post of the leading lady. Both had to be in the water of 3.8 feet in depth, 5 degree below water temperatures, tangled up for 10 hours.

This year in February, He Rundong promoted his MV Black Wing" which gained a very good result in Asia. This gives HRD, who returns to musical world after seven years, a strong heart injection. In order not to let his fans wait for too long again, HRD will fulfill the promise to promote the new song "I Will Only Care about You" in November.

"I Will Only Care about You" is a good song which was created by Zhang Kefan and he himself wanted to sing it , but then HRDs manager Ben heard about this song and thought that the entire first song is very beautiful and moving. Therefore, manager Ben had spent so much time to communicate with Zhang Kefan. Finally, Zhang Kefan was willing to give the song to the one who can treasure "I Will Only Care about You" and decided to give it to HRD to sing.The entire first song is also intercepted by Deng Lijun (Teresa Teng) who once sang it, everybody who is familiar with this song could find the detailed two lyrics.

In order to give Zhang Kefans "I Will Only Care about You" a new life, HRD personally directs the MV once more after directing "Black Wing". This new MV will cost NT$ 2,000,000. HRD himself completely takes care of everything from the thought of the script, comparing the scenery, looking for the actor, etc. Another aspect that attracts attention is the making of the MV which HRD and the leading lady had to be in the water of 3.6 foot depth. Because the filming was taken during the evening time, the water surface temperature was probably 10 several degrees, but inside the water temperature was 5 degrees. HRD and the leading lady both soaked from 8 o'clock to 6 o'clock - from the evening to before dawn. Soaking coldly in the water took nearly 10 hours, caused all people are not be able to support! Besides directing and taking the main role in the MV, HRD must have such a good physical strength!

From "Black Wing" to "I Will Only Cares about You" , HRD self-directed both MVs, he can be said that he has worked best ! He said that,I m rigid in lots of matters! I do not want that because I am the one who is directing the MV, it becomes the news. But I want to let everybody see me earnestly in the work! Therefore, I also often crack a joke with my manager and said: What music award do you want to receive this year? I do not have the opinion. But do not forget to help my MV registration! Because it is worth. After HRD finished with new MV, on the same day he had to fly to Xi'an to participate in an activity.

Next week he will be able to return to Taiwan to cut this MV personally. As estimated "I Will Only Care About You" is able to be broadcasted in November in entire Asia. Moreover; because "I Only Care About You" MV has high difficulty and dangerous lens, and the making took two days, the manager took out insurance respectively NT$ 10,000,000 insurances for HRD and the leading lady .

(the news is translated via free online translator; and we welcome any corrections. Please PM me when u find mistakes and do let us know the corrections. thanks so much)

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