KangXi Lai Lah! (Don't Remember Dates)

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KangXi Lai Lah! (Don't Remember Dates)

Post by Ivana B. Anonymous on Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:11 pm

I recently watched Peter on KangXi Lai lah! with guests such as Chen Xi Rong (sp?) and Dylan Kuo. In it, Peter revealed a few things about himself...

Among one of the things Xiao S (the female host) said was...
"I hear you won't let go of any girl that comes your way..."
And Peter replied, "Is that right? Well, then, I won't let go of you either." (OBVIOUS flirting here Razz )
To which Xiao S replied, "Who are you trying to kid? If you got the guts to chase me, I'm not afraid of you!"
Which then propelled Peter to explain, "Well, you said I won't let go of any girl...how am I suppose to follow up with that?"

And then the hosts asked Chen Xi Rong whom she thinks is cuter (Dylan Kuo or Peter), and she responded with, "Dylan's kind is more like cute but Peter is definitely handsome," ... "He has a charm/charisma about him."

Dylan Kuo and Peter discussed their days at the gym. Peter said when he first met Dylan, he was fooled by Dylan's small face. He asked Dylan to accompany him to the gym (and expected to teach Dylan a thing or two about working out...or just brag about the muscles he's got) but when Dylan took off his shirt, Peter just got floored and commented, "oh gym master...!" Dylan's small face made him look skinny and lean when in fact, Dylan's got bigger manboobs and muscles than Peter.

An interesting tidbit about Peter, though, is his encounters with ghosts. He talks about them quite frequently. It's kind of scary to know, in fact. Makes me afraid for him. Told the hosts that when he was younger, he used to be really quiet and isolated (introverted). He would also occasionally hear ghosts talking beside him...in his ears, when he's taking a shower, washing his hair, etc. But because he was so introverted, he never made a big fuss about them. He just took it quietly and listened in on their screaming and cussing (freaking you out yet?). This happened for about 2-4 years (not sure about the actual length of time it took) until he finally couldn't stand it, and he started screaming at them. They became quiet and eventually stopped bothering him.
affraid Which prompted the hosts to laugh and comment that if ghosts were really trying to scare him, it must've been exhausting for them.

I have more interesting tidbits about him I would like to share...but it'll be on another post. I have to go now, but I'll come back soon.

Ivana B. Anonymous

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Re: KangXi Lai Lah! (Don't Remember Dates)

Post by fang2 on Thu Apr 03, 2008 11:09 pm

ivana, thanks for sharing ^ ^

I saw this clip too Very Happy Peter's wearing a dark blue shirt and he looks so handsome in it.

May I add something? It's about the scary thingy.

Peter also told that he once disturbed by a 'spirit'. It happened when he was filming in Mainland. The 'spirit' made him fell unconscious, but luckily he was saved.

When he was in Canada studying, he witnessed how his sis's friend was being disturbed by a spirit. A very strong spirit entered her body.

Sorry.. my Mandarin is not so good, so I may make mistakes. U can just correct me okay?

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