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Old KangXi Lai Lah!

Post by Ivana B. Anonymous on Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:19 pm

In an old KangXi Lai lah!, hosts Xiao S and that guy invited Peter as a guest.

The responses he gave to them was quite humorous.

One of the things they asked was about passionate fans. They asked if Peter ever encountered passionate fans that touched him inappropriately before and to what extent.

Peter hesitatingly nodded. Then replied, "one time I got slapped in the butt," (paused) "by a guy." (The galls of that guy!). "And then the guy raised his hands and held it and screamed, I slapped He Ren Dong's butt! I hit his butt!" Then he further went on to say that someone slapped his face before. The hand was extended to its tips and then it slapped Peter on the face. (Peter expression here is priceless -- he didn't know what to think of that).


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