2008/04/03 Canít live without these things!

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2008/04/03 Canít live without these things!

Post by banlong on Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:21 am


Canít live without these things!

I used to have a song called ďwhat would you do without meĒ, such helpless feeling usually occurrs in love. However, a few days ago, I suddenly thought of this.I found that if there were no these things in my life, I really didnít know how to liveÖÖ?

You may have heard that the most common thing happens in performing work is "wait"! Props or lightings are not ready, the actor or the director is lateÖÖ all kinds of unexpected problems arise and the only thing I can do is "wait". The flightís delay or cancellation because of bad weather frequently occur during my promoting activity allaround,I only can "wait" too. Say nothing of wait caused by the traffic jam. But all this "wait" doesnít matter as long as the PSP with me, by which I can kill time in good spirits while waiting. Sometimes when live in the remote hotel, I even can connect Jianhong to PK, so the PSP is very important for me!

My feeding-bottle
Looking at this picture, you may think that Peter Ho hasnít been ablactated? ! In fact, this bottle is necessary to physical exercise. In order to maintain Physical fitness and shape, I often do exercise. However, exercise is not enough if you want to make your muscles proportioned and firm. my proposal is to have a bottle of milk mixed with high-protein powder afer your physical exercise; my bottle is about 700 ~ 800 CC, I dump two full spoons of high-protein powder in the bottle and buy fresh milk to mix in aftr exercise, shake the bottle like shaking bubble tea till the milk and the high-protein powder completely blended. Remember, itís useless for you if this special milk isnít drunk up within one hour after finishing exercise! !
originally, there is a line linked to the lid of this bottle, the line has been broken, but Iím not willing to throw away. The staffs said that I was really a ďthriftyĒ man! The truth isÖÖIím very nostalgic, the useful things will be used by me till play its full value, haha!

Hand-protect cream
"Hands"is the most commonly used Parts of the body, whether playing, painting, playing video game, taking photographs, doing fit-keeping excercise, andÖ the toilet visits(Jian Hong thought of this for me, Ha!). So I take hand-protect cream with me to care for my hand properly. Especially when tavelling around, the change of climate is likely to make my hands rough or chapped, a little cream will make me comfortable at this time!

Hair dryer
Talking about hair dryer, it should rank second among all these necessaries, I think, if I really have to sort them by importance ? !
I once mentioned in an article before, there are only three hair stylist in my life, they are Fanny, Cora, and---- Peter Ho myself. If the two former arenít with me, then Master Ho has to go on stage personally. Fine guy the hair dryer is at this moment(it works so well in my hand)!
Working in the entertainment circle, the most important thing is facade. A bit wrong on the hairdo will affect the whole facade whether filming or taking pictures. If my hairdo isnít OK, I will be irritable and prone to anger(my manager can prove this!). In addition, the choice of hair dryer must be noted. The "Ho-style" hairdo canít be worked out if the wind isnít strong enough.

Asthma spray -
itís unnecessary to explain the importance of this thing, I think. people who have asthma problems sould be careful for the global climate is not very stable In recent years!

Peter canít live without these things!

Finally, I wish you all good health, I donít know if you have some thing without which you canít live? would you like to share with me?

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Re: 2008/04/03 Canít live without these things!

Post by fang2 on Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:38 pm

cheers wow, this article is so interesting..... and we know more about our Peter!!

I was also thinking of importants things without which I can't live. Hmmmm..... let me think first. Very Happy

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Re: 2008/04/03 Canít live without these things!

Post by ltk on Thu Apr 10, 2008 7:49 am

so happy when i read all his message .

thanks banlong so much made me understand all his messages .

no you translet , i just saw his pics . ha ha ha

now i think my chinese is really poor .

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Re: 2008/04/03 Canít live without these things!

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