080825 My Dream Continues

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080825 My Dream Continues

Post by fang2 on Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:38 pm

My Dream Continues...
(2008-08-25 16:45:17)
That summer I was seventeen and came back Taiwan for my vacation. Everyday I went to play basketball for it was my best friend. But one day my neck was fiercely bumped by the rival’s elbow when scrambling to the backboard. Though terribly painful, I lifted my chin coolly and said: "Bump harder next time! Continue….” In fact, I only wouldn’t lose my face before so many people. At that point everyone considered me as an iron man. However, half an hour later, I was sent to emergency. The doctor said the seven joints of my spine have been moved under impact. If I couldn’t use my neck carefully, my brain nerves might be oppressed and cause paralysis. What a great blow to me! I would have no chance to fight in NBA and gain honor for us Chinese! My efforts in the school team were useless too! Lying in the bed of hospital for several weeks, a collar (to protect my neck) was round my neck all the time. Before the mirror, I felt myself like the dog raised by my neighbour Aming…… As growing older, I understood that fighting in NBA was an unreachable dream for me. Therefore I turned to entertainment career.

Note of PIC: graduating from high school, my friends and I founded a basketball team in Canada. At that time Aaron Kwok’s hairstyle was very popular. The guy beside me was my close friend and music producer, Bi Daniel, who put on much beef suddenly.

Every time I saw Yao wins glory for us Chinese, I felt extremely excited. Because Yao fulfilled the dream which I can’t touch in all my life. During Olympic Games, he led our Chinese basketball team to fight into the top eight. Thus, I admire him more than ever. In high school basketball game, I often heard others saying “ I will keep the yellow monkey out…… ” or other bad words about Chinese. However, after the great Olympic Games in Beijing and the 51 gold medals achieved by China, those bad words will disappear forever…… They will only say “You Chinese kick ass!” (Afterwards Peter explained the meaning of “kick ass”)

Note of PIC: Fuwa(福娃) from Shipai gang were cheering Olympic!

I hope that all the wounded athletes recover soon and kick ass on the next Olympic Games! Come on!

(special thanks to banlong who translated Peter's blog) Very Happy

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