080912 She Won't Drink My Milk !

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080912 She Won't Drink My Milk !

Post by fang2 on Sat Sep 13, 2008 4:40 am

She Wonít Drink My Milk! (2008-09-12 12:10:13)

This time I have a new mission: Going to Malaysia as a Loving Postman!

Hope I can help the Loving Welfare Centre in Kuala Lumpur collect the money which will be used to rebuild houses for the people suffered from fire disaster on August 8. In addition, the tuition for children will be raised too.

The welfare centre was lively, whose members include little babies and eighty-year-aged elders. The nursery, with which I dealt in my initial life, was the easiest part to charge to me. Usually the children canít help laughing when they see me as if they encounter Uncle Mcdonald. To my surprise, this baby was so little that was just one month old! Itís already beyond my effective scope! In order to keep friendly with him, I held him in my arm, fed milk to him and amused him with soft voice. However, it didnít work. He just cried loudly in my arm. I was scared, didnít think to be KO by the lovely baby during my first father experience. At last, may be moved by my helpless eyes, he decided to give me a chance. The baby responded me with a smile.

Afterwards, I met a little girl of 3 or 4 years age. There were very deep scars on her both elbows. I was shocked to know that her elbows were broken by her mother who suffered from mental disorder suddenly. The girl came to the world only 1000 days, yet has faced the torture and tragedy which we perhaps wouldnít encounter though have lived for several decades. Fortunately, she was saved out of domestic violence by the Loving Welfare Centre. In this centre, every childís has a tragic story. But they have strong will. They have learned to step forward, not to look back at the tragedy. I hope the fund-raising in the shopping mall this afternoon and everyoneís loving heart can give these children a pair of strong wings, leading them to fly for their dream.

(thanks to banlong for translating Peter's blog for us here Very Happy)

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