080919 Peter Ho'll act in Three Kingdom Series

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080919 Peter Ho'll act in Three Kingdom Series

Post by fang2 on Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:38 pm

banlong sent me an email. Thanks!!

I got the latest news about Lv bu, u can see PICs in this link:

2008/09/19 Sina Beijing
Peter Ho will act in “Three Kingdoms” TV series and go to Beijing for horseback arts training

Over a month passed, Peter could finally tell the public, ” Now I can fulfill my hope cooperating with Gao Xixi.”

It was sure that Peter acted the series “Three Kingdoms” directed by Gao Xixi. Recently, there was information that Gao Xixi had chosen Peter as Lvbu, while another article said that Peter would by no means act Lvbu because Gao Xixi rarely cooperated with actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The matter guessed by media for a month was clear after Peter entered “Three Kingdoms” filming team and tried his acting clothes.

Attracted by the fame of Gao Xixi and the title “big show in 2009” of this series, each company strongly recommended its performers. The performer list released in July included Chen Jianbin (as Cao Cao), Lu Yi (as Zhuge Liang), Nie Yuan(as Zhao Yun), Chen Hao(as Diao Chan) and Lin Xinru(as Sun Shangxiang), who were all professional performers. As for the roles of Zhou Yv and Lv Bu, which were very important , were not decided by Gao Xixi for a long time. So the two roles became hot numbers.

Nicholas Tse and Louis Koo were both said to play the role of Lv Bu. But under the continuing question from the media, Gao Xixi exposed that he had not chosen Nicholas Tse or Louis Koo. Personable Peter was the only right man. Today, Peter secretly went to Beijing to accept horseback arts training. He also said that it was finalized to play Lv Bu.

Peter’s management compay said: as early as two months before, Peter has been arranged to meet with Gao Xixi and left good impression on each other. Nevertheless, the director had no idea which role Peter should play. The result was unknown till they received the call from the filming team. However, Peter had his own series “The Bubble of Summer” to shoot at the start of next year. It took time to arrange his work schedule. So they could say nothing when were asked by the media. Obviously, the rumor about Peter refusing to play in “Three Kingdoms” was not true. Because of “The Bubble of Summer” and “Three Kingdoms”, the latter needed a year to work out, Peter had to give up a racing drama already turned down. Though lost tens of millions Taiwan dollars, Peter thought it worthwile, for in this way he got the chance to work with Gao Xixi.

In order to play Lv Bu well, this two months Peter bought many books and movies about “Three Kingdoms”. In the past few days, he specially went to horse farm for practicing horseback arts. Peter said:” I hope I can meet director Gao’s request, perform the Lv Bu in his eyes! This is the only way to live up to his expectations.”

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