081231 Peter Spent NY Eve in Shang Hai

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081231 Peter Spent NY Eve in Shang Hai

Post by fang2 on Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:48 pm

credit: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=521102035
thanks to banlong for translating Very Happy

Peter Ho and His Family Spent the New Year’s Eve in Shanghai
Sina Entertainment news, Dec. 31.

At the spot of the New Year Party of Dragon TV, Peter brought his exclusive collection “Comic Notebook”, as well as his new song “love call”.

Peter disclosed that he has fetched his whole family to Shanghai to spend a different New Year’s Eve of 2009. “Yesterday, my parents and my sister all arrived in Shanghai. They came to celebrate the New Year with me, for I gonna participate the party of Dragon TV here.”

At the spot of party, Peter delivered his new song “love call”. “My greatest wish of 2009 is to pick up my old job----singing.” Peter said he had entered entertainment circle as a singer, “It’s out of my expectation that I become an actor.” Peter claimed that acting was additional job, while his formal occupation is singing. “So I like to put my energy on my album. And hope it'll be sold well.”

As the particular guest of the party, Peter brought with him not only his sweet new song “love call”, but also his elaborate Comic Notebook, which sent to the audience as a private present. “Each comic painting of this notebook is done by myself and takes a lot of effort of mine. Hope you will like it.”

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