09.01.03 Producer Peter Ho Replaces Actor ...

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09.01.03 Producer Peter Ho Replaces Actor ...

Post by fang2 on Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:03 am

Producer Peter Ho reluctantly replaces actor; Huang Xiaoming joins cast of Summer Bubbles
Source: Dahe
Date: Saturday January 3, 2009
Translated by Initial E @ http://asianfanatics.net

Have the main Male and Female leads for 'Summer Bubbles' (泡沫之夏) been replaced? The original cast, which included Da S (大S), Dylan Guo (郭品超) and Peter Ho (何润东) have now been changed to Da S, Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), and Peter Ho. In the show, the three of them will play the charaters Yin Xia Mo (尹夏沫), Luo Xi (洛熙), and Ou Chen (欧辰) respectively.

Regarding the changing of the cast, the producer, Peter Ho said apologetically: "I've really let Dylan down! At the start, right after we bought the rights to the show, the first person I thought of for the cast was him. But after the production fees doubled, the investors hoped that we could make this a collaboration with China, if not we wouldn't be able to get any profits. For the production costs, I could only agree to change the cast for the show after a lot of consideration. The rule of a China collaboration is that we one of the main leads must be a mainland actor, hence we had to change the original cast of Dylan to popular Mainland actor Huang Xiaoming. I have talked to Dylan over the phone about this. He was very understanding about it. Right now, he also has contracts to film other shows, hence it is not certain that he would be able to be free for our show. However, there are rumours that the two of us quarelled because of the show, but that is just simply untrue rumours! I can say with certainty to everyone: This kind of thing would never affect the friendship between us brothers! The two of us are anticipating another opportunity where we could work together."

On the other hand, this time they were able to invite Huang Xiaoming for his very first Taiwan filming. Peter expressed: "We are very thankful that Huang Xiaoming is able to join us! These few years, he has had very high demands for scripts, there were many production units that gave him high prices to film their shows, but after looking at their scripts he did not accept them. This time he really likes the script for 'Summer Bubbles', hence he quickly agreed to join our cast, even giving us a friendship price."

There will be a huge press conference to be held for 'Summer Bubbles' on March 15th, with 'big brand' actors Da S, Huang Xiaoming and Peter Ho being the female and male main leads of the show. It will also star Zhang Guozhu (张国柱), Fang Si Yu (房思瑜), Kris Shen (沈建宏), Patina Lin (沈建宏), Coco Jiang (蒋怡), Christine Ke (柯奂如), Wu Ya Xin (吴亚馨) and others. The investor, GTV Station has received many offers for the broadcasting rights of the show.

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