081225 Bu & Subway My New Transportation

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081225 Bu & Subway My New Transportation

Post by fang2 on Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:52 pm

credit: [size=8pt]credit:http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1194869670[/size]
[b]Bus and Subway--My New Transportation


First, I wish all of you a happy Christmas! Hope you have lived well in 2008 and have achieved what you wanted.

The other day I have ultimately done what I had been looking forward to, taking the bus and subway in Beijing. Therefore, I felt myself really integrated in the society here.

The foreigner in the photo is my good friend, Mike, who has lived in Beijing for 5 years. As a host, he led me to enjoy Sinkiang and Sichuan dishes. On that day, frist we got to subway station by bus, then rode the underground to the gym.

In case recognized by others, I wore a mouth mask. We secretly took the two photos before the subway train started. At that time, it was not crowded inside the train. After that, the number of passangers increased a lot, but Mike and I still had spacious room. This was the magic of my mouth mask. Especially when I sometimes coughed, no one dared to approach me. Itís a very wonderful feeling that I hid among the crowd while no one could recognize me. Besides, the TV opposite to my seat was playing the MV ďBeijing welcome youĒ. Before seeing me appearing in the TV, Mike didnít know my occupation. However, as he saw me in TV, all the questions flashed through his mind: Why did so many strangers say hello to me in the gym? Why did the waiters in Sinkiang restaurant ask me to sign on their notebooks? (I told Mike I was signing the bill) Why did I wear a mouth mask on bus or subway? (I told him I was afraid of bacterial infection in a crowd. He thought me as a kook who was nervously squeamish)ÖÖ Then he got the answer. After that day, I was too busy to do exercise in the gym, nor had any opportunity to ride bus or subway. Fortunately, I have taken the photos with Mike for remembrance. The most interesting thing was, Mike, a foreigner, played host to me. Itís strangeÖÖ Was Mike a foreigner or I a foreigner? At least, with the experience taking bus and subway, itís sure that Iím not a foreigner but the true Beijing man!!

Lastly, Iíd like all of you to give me a favor. Please pray for my friendís health. She has been fighting long time against disease. Some of you may know her. Now she is in her crucial stage. I hope your silent blessing can bring her power. (Itís not proper to write her name here, so please call her ďPeterís friendĒ when you close your eyes and pray)
Wish you many years health! Please donít forget to pray!

Very Happy thanks alot to banlong for translating !!

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