090213 Shampoo is More Romantic..

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090213 Shampoo is More Romantic..

Post by fang2 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:53 am

2009-02-13 20:39:26
Shampoo is More Romantic than Chocolate for Valentine’s Day!

Firstly, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! This special day can only be spent in two ways: extremely romantic or extremely lonely. As for me, there is no new romantic story can be found to share with you. My old love story of Canada has been talked by me for 10 years! And on this Valentine’s Day I was invited by a four and half year old girl! She is my niece. I didn’t know how she understood the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Who told her? She is too early-maturing! Fortunately, on that day I had to fly to Hangzhou in the morning. Otherwise, if she really spent her first Valentine’s Day with her uncle, she would felt deadly regretful over it as growing up!

Tell the truth, I’ve had a guilty Valentine’s Day in Japan ahead of schedule. I have received 200 boxes of chocolates! Those know me well all agree that chocolate is my favorite. And my pleasure of receiving so much chocolate is no less than get the “Hongbao”(money packed in red paper as present) during Spring Festival! But when returned to truth, I found it was just a torment on me. As you know, if I ate all the chocolates up, my weight would rise to 1 ton! I hope my gullet can be transplanted to Jianhong’s stomach in order to satisfy my chocolates fondness as well as Jianhong’s nutrition need. Do not think I’m do bad to Jianhong. I grew to this height depending on chocolates. (My unique recipe for growing tall is open to outside for the first time.)
I have no way to deliver each of you a box of chocolates. In stead, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day through my song. My new song Love Me Once Again will premier on Valentine’s Day. Park Chae-lim, my good friend, shot this MV with me before I went to South Korea. There is a scene in which I carry her on my shoulder and she is washing my hair. I think the scene very romantic. A man will only let his beloved one wash his hair and convey her affection. (certainly, washing hair in barber’s shop is a different thing.)

At length, wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day again! Tell your beloved to wash your hair and I-----now have to go back for washing my niece’s hair.

credit: peter's blog
thanks to banlong for translation Very Happy

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