090308 I Was Under Pressure Last Week

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090308 I Was Under Pressure Last Week

Post by fang2 on Tue May 05, 2009 7:35 pm

I Was Under Pressure Last Week (2009-03-08 23:52:57)

Pals, I’m here safe and sound finally! I found the greatest meaning of my long time industrious exercise was just to make me survive through the battle of 8 days. “The three warriors fight with Lu Bu” has ranked first on my “most dangerous action performance” list. I had never been under pressure since my childhood, but this time I was continuously attacked by Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei for 8 days! That is, if they strike me once, I must strike back three times; if they play one scene, I must three; if they do 50 push-ups, I should 150; if they eat 5 bars of chocolate, I should 15 bars. (You know the last is just my sweet dream in bitter condition. Well, it’s OK for me. At least, I can burn threefold calorie than they do.)

Tell the truth, the other day I had slipped to the gym for exercise after work. I did it secretly, for if our action director Brother Fen knew that, I would have been killed by him!

However, my little trick didn’t move too long. In the last days of our work, I was tired out like an eighty years old gout patient who couldn’t walk without help. I was too tired to feed myself, let alone do any exercise!
I was scared to hear the three voices:

No.1, the colleague of dressing team said: “Today Zhang Fei and his fellows have no work.” You may think this word is normal. But for me, it means that I have to work from the first scene to the last scene. The every scene of the whole day is mine!! It is not a joke ~ in other words, I must fight with others unceasingly from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. What an over-long boxing game!

No.2, at noon my assistant Miao Miao told me with a gloating smile: “Congratulation, Brother Dong! The snack of today ranks the Top Ten of what you hate to eat---fatty pork, sprouted beans and bean curd. Ha! Ha! Ha! ~~~~” All of you certainly know the saying: hard work is just for eating!!! It was a delicious lunch to comfort me well that supported my hard battle of half a day. But~~~~~

No.3, when the director demanded me to ride the Chitu horse, the horseman came to me with it and said in low voice: “ Teacher Ho, take care of yourself! It seems the horse is not in the mood today……” Instantly I got wet with sweat, cold sweat!!!
The three voices were veritable “three vibrato Lv Bu”……
“What do you do, Peter Ho? You think we can’t find you just because of your hiding?”
Though so hard the work was, I can assure you the great effect it achieved!

After the end of this fearful journey, I’m going to face a new challenge----the plan and dream I have prepared for more than half a year----now it starts. The press conference for my first TV series The Summer Bubble will be held in Taiwan on March 15. Barbie Shou and Huang Xiaoming and other excellent performers of this series will be present. The atmosphere there will be very hot. Its premiere of the Bada TV station, the supreme idol series TV station in Taiwan, is supposed to be at the end of this summer vacation. The Bada TV station will be a good media between you and The Summer Bubble. It shall strongly promote this series’s popularity like a shot in the arm. And your support for The Summer Bubble shall be a great shot in the arm to me.

credit: peter's blog
Thanks to banlong for the translation Laughing
if u want to see the clip of 3 kingdom, u can check it out:

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