My Head is Hurt for Summer Bubble

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My Head is Hurt for Summer Bubble

Post by fang2 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:44 am

My Head is Hurt for “Summer Bubble”! (2009-07-27 13:15:49)

After four months of insomnia, “Summer Bubble”, the first series produced by me was in the can on bloodily July 20th!!! In the morning, I was shooting a scene in which I must fight with two rascals in order to save a beauty. For the sake of reality, I didn’t let the crew to prepare the artificial soft stick as the weapon for the rascals. So we found a real wooden stick near the ruins, then unfortunately the stick made one hole in my head. I felt a little dizzy at that time, but I continued to shoot and my head got the second hole.

It doesn’t matter, anyway, it is said that seeing red color on the production wrapped day implies success of the new series.

“Summer Bubble” is different from any dramas I ever shot, because as the producer I have cultivated working friendship with all the staffs. So I spent a dozen hours to draw a picture and had it printed on the cups for everyone.

We were the most vigorous working team full of youthful spirit. Every time I treated my fellows with drink, they said aloud, “thank Toujia, your drink is so delicious, ho-hei!”(they call me Toujia, which means Boss in Taiwanese dialect), this sentence has become the slogan of our team. So no matter how many years passed, we would recall our happiness at the time when we drink with this cup. On the cup there are cartoons of Luoxi, Ouchen and Xia Mo. On the left is Luoxi in Elvis style, in the drama Xiaoming(the actor playing the part of Luoxi) has a typical gesture putting his finger on his lips and pointing forward; in the middle is Ouchen in CROWS ZERO style, with green lace; on the right is Xia Mo in sexy Dark Lady style.

Here I’d like to thank all of the staffs and actors who supporting me, a freshman in drama production. During the work we met so much difficulties and troubles, and only with your containment and solidarity could I overcome them. Originally I prepared to thank you more earnestly on the platform of victory banquet, but I couldn’t hold back my sentimental tears. For this reason there were a lot of words not being mentioned. All in all... ...Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Now we meet an emergency and hope to depend on your efforts once again. I ever helped a boy named Liu Xing in the program “Lightning Star moved”. He should have been a healthy boy after the chemotherapy, but something turned up and has lost consciousness for a week, struggling at the edge of death. All of us, including Liu Xing and his family, have striven to make him a healthy sunshine boy for so long time, and the success seemed at hand. Unfortunately, something unforeseen took place. Previously in my Blog I had invited all of you to pray for an sick friend, and she has gradually recovered after surgery because of your concern and support. Now little Liu Xing also need your help and power. Hope all the bit we do for little Liu Xing will make him better quickly.

credit: he rundong's blog

(thanks for banlong for the translation Very Happy )

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