100816 (Anhui TV) Fei Chang Jing Juli

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100816 (Anhui TV) Fei Chang Jing Juli

Post by fang2 on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:06 am

Wanna share this clip...hope u like it ^ ^

Peter's between the two 'beauties'...Zhaoke & Dongxuan. They are the female leads in Unbeatable Mei Nu Ru Yun (2010) ~ Mainland Drama. Zhaoke's dress is so sexy...

Peter plays basketball and hurts one of his legs. Poor Peter Sad

Peter introduces his Remember Love album along with his 7 female MV stars. The lady host (she's smart) "forces" Peter to say which one he likes most. Peter hesistantly gives a reply ( I know it's too difficult for him Very Happy) . At this time, he said that he likes Sunli best. He was so touched when Sunli gave him a fast reply when asking her to be his MV star. Then Sunli also asked Peter to contact her when he produces a film in the future.

Laughing I think our Peter big rabbit needs to be fair with his female MV stars. I remember that in Jackie's Wu show in Azio, he said that he likes DaS the best. Then in Tianjin's and MTV show, he likes Ruby Lin and she's the most beautiful one. And now, he likes Sunli. In BTV star show, he tells how he and Betty Huang are like "brothers". In their 1st debut, both wished the star that they could get lots of money and awards. Finally, this wish came true, both got an award on the same event. Twisted Evil

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