10.10.03 Autograph Event in HK

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10.10.03 Autograph Event in HK

Post by fang2 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:51 pm

Peter Ho ~ Autograph Event for his 2010 album "Remember Loved" in HK.

(星島)2010年10月3日 星期日 20:18

何潤東來港舉行新碟簽唱會,與歌迷玩遊戲之餘,更讓女Fans摸他的壯臂。提到曾與他傳緋聞的徐熙媛 (大S),被拍到與台灣 男星安鈞璨拖手親密照,何潤東堅稱安鈞璨和大S不是拍拖,他說:「是朋友,我知道不是。」他笑指二人可能是好姊妹或好兄弟,這不代表在一起。

對於緋聞女友徐熙媛(大S)與台灣男星安鈞璨拖手,Peter說:「佢哋係朋友,唔信傳緋聞!」 問到與大S有否發展機會?他說:「自己好忙,好難同大S發展,但將來嘅事冇人知
credit: Peter Ho's Family HK - Facebook

Rough translation:
Regarding the news that DaS was seen with Shone hand in hand, Peter comments that they are just friends ~ they are more like brothers and sisters. When Peter was asked about his relationship with DaS, he said that right now he is very busy; he and Das are good friends, but who knows what will happen in the future. Surprised

Anyone who can read Mandarin well, please correct when there's a mistake. thanks.

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