30 Oct '07 ~ HRD & Zhang Manyu in Beijing

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30 Oct '07 ~ HRD & Zhang Manyu in Beijing

Post by fang2 on Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:32 pm

07/10/30何润东张曼玉 北京相见欢

最近因为日本 NHK电视剧和「李白传」延拍,让何润东平白多了一些空档。没想到,何润东却仍没得休息,反而忙成为了空中飞人!一星期就被邀约跑了近 5场的时尚活动!每一家厂商都指定邀请他出席,还被大陆媒体封他为「时尚宠儿」!
也因为时尚界老板们对何润东的青睐有加,纷纷邀他出席活动担任代言大使,再加上香港 Lane Crawford的牵线,让何润东有机会和她心目中的女神张曼玉在北京相见欢!
何润东下星期将飞回台湾,开始为即将为日本职棒开球活动展开投球训练!目前经纪公司已特别邀请了 台湾之光」王建明的投手老师来个别指导,让何润东希望能练出一身好球,在 11月 9日开球时一展苦练的球技。
credit : http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=281163707

This English translation below is translated via Online Chinese English Translator. Please do let us know when there're any corrections. Very Happy

Reporter: Dai Shufang ~ Taipei-Beijing News

He Rundong and Zhang Manyu happily met each other for the first time in Beijing. Zhang Manyus elegant beauty made He Rundong feel fascinated. Not only he frankly acknowledged that he was attracted to her, but also said , If she had no a boyfriend, I would surely pursue her with all my strength, and would not refuse 'elder sister and younger brother love relationship'!

Recently, because of the delay in filming NHK Japanese TV series and Li Bai Biography, He Rundong had some free time. Instead of taking a rest, He Rundong was busy flying here and there. In a week, he was invited to attend around 5 fashion events. Each company is assigned to invite him, and this made Mainland media called him as the favorite guy in fashion events!

Besides fashion bosses who favor He Rundong and invite him to speak on behalf of an ambassador, Hong Kong Lane Crawford collaboration made He Rundong get the opportunity to meet Zhang Manyu in Beijing!

Meeting Zhang Manyu for for the time in such a short distance, He Rundong said: I am completely attracted by her nature! He Rundong also added, If she had no a boyfriend now, I would not refuse elder sister and younger brother relationship (means he wont care about the age difference), and would eagerly pursue her!

What interesting is that Zhang Manyu's manager is the same as He Rundongs underpants advertisement agent. Thus, Zhang Manyu knows from her manager that He Rundongs figure is extremely healthy and good. Both took pictures, and they looked just so right.

He Rundong will fly back to Taiwan next week and start practicing for the ball game activitiy in Japan. His management company had specially invites a coach from Taiwan - Mr. Wang Jianming to give particular guidance so that He Rundong can practice good ball skill and make a good shot on November 9.

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