10.09.11 Kuai Le Dabenying_ Hunan TV

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10.09.11 Kuai Le Dabenying_ Hunan TV

Post by fang2 on Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:27 pm

Peter Ho shows up in Kuai Le Da Ben Ying (快乐大本营) _ Hunan TV
which airs Summer's Desire in China.

This show is full of laughters. Peter is so cheerful and cute. He retells his 1st love story when he's in Canada. He searches for Ms. Chen ~ the gal who makes his heart beating fast in the phone book. There're so many names and he calls 1 by one until finally he can find his Ms. Chen. Of course, he's soo happy. ^_^ when the gal still remembers him.

The 4 four MC plays hillarious games with Peter. They ask Peter to show /teach them how to exercise. Peter does some push-ups, with clapping hands and with single hand. The male MC can't do it as well as Peter.... ! Very Happy

Peter's lovers, don't miss this clips ^^

Peter sings Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo

Peter sings & plays game

credit: http://bbs.ohohhoho.com/thread-7400-1-4.html

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