(2006)The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng

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(2006)The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng

Post by yessy_loren on Wed Oct 31, 2007 12:59 am

The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng

*Adaptation from Gu Long's book same title: The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng
*Air on CCTV 3rd september 2006
*Link to the series: http://www.netandtv.com/


*Julian Zhang Zi Lim is Liu Xiao Feng

*Peter Ho is Xi Men Chui Xue

*Yan Kuan is Ye Gu Cheng

note: Yan Kuan is in the right of picture

*Zhang Zhi Yao is Hua Man Lou

*Fan Wen Fang

*Cynthia Khan

*Li Qian

Sinopsis:---still looking for it
There are 10 stories in it. Seven are from Gu Long's books and the production team decided to add 3 more stories on their own.

The seven books are:
1. 陆小凤传奇
2. 绣花大盗
3. 决战前后
4. 银钩赌坊
5. 幽灵山庄
6. 凤舞九天
7. 剑神一笑

The others three:
8. 铁鞋传奇
9. 金鹏王朝
10. 血衣之谜

credit to: www.netandtv.com, sina, spcnet.tv


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Re: (2006)The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng

Post by joey on Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:13 am

wow i can't wait to see this series
but can you tell me, with who peter will end up with?
is this series good?
happy ending?

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