What Peter Says about His Dad & Mom

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What Peter Says about His Dad & Mom

Post by fang2 on Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:35 am

pic taken from: popcornfor2~ Butterfly Lovers thread

Peter says....
His dad is a strict person. He's never late to work.
When Peter was a kid, he did not want to eat certain kind of veggie. Then his dad would purposely asked him to eat those veggies. Lesson learnt is that Peter must not be too choosy about food.
Though his dad often beats him whenever he's disobedient, Peter still respects and loves him. His dad influences him to be responsible in his work.

His mom is so caring... always prepares breakfast for the family. When Peter had to go filming in a very early morning, his mom never failed to prepare nice breakfast for him (see the drawing in the caps above). When Peter was a kid, his mom was like a "lao ta" for him ('lao ta' means the big brother of a gang) who always protects him whenever his sisters bothered him. Peter himself drew a cute picture showing his "lao ta" mom and little Peter. (see Peter's drawing in the caps above) He even shares this picture in his blog. Peter has a such a close relationship with his mom.

credit:baidu forum

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Re: What Peter Says about His Dad & Mom

Post by ltk on Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:07 am


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