7 Nov'07 Bench Body Phototaking

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7 Nov'07 Bench Body Phototaking

Post by fang2 on Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:26 pm

Credit: baidu post / http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=284346014

07/11/7何润东内衣照秀型男本色 与林
2007年11月07日 新浪娱乐
新浪娱乐讯 近日,何润东(peter)海为某国际知名内衣裤品牌拍摄平面广告,这也是其连续第三年成为该品牌代言人。只是这次的女主角从女星瞿颖换成了目前在港、台和内地人气颇高的名模林嘉绮。

English translation :
(Its translated via On Line Free Translator. To make it readable, its paraphrased.
Please PM mewhen therere any corrections)

07/11/7 He Rundongs Bench Body Photos Show Male True Color
2007/11/17 Sina Entertainment News
As reported by Sina entertainment news, recently He Rundong (Peter) took some photos of international well-known underpants brand advertisement (Bench Body). This is also the third year of continuously being the spokeperson of this brand. At this time, the leading lady was changed from a star Qu Ying into a HK-Taiwan-Mainland supermodel,Lin Jiaqi.

His manager disclosed ,In the first year doing this advertisement, He Rundong whose personality is rather introvert (ge xing nei lian ) once wanted to retreat. But under the stafs encouragement and the companys coordination, added with the photographer was his photography masters, Lin Bingcun, he then felt confident to take this underwear advertisement. Out of the expectation, when the picture was published in Shanghai business circle, HRDs excellent figure became the attention of people admiration. Even Zhang Manyu, Zhang Nala, Lin Zhi Ling, and other female stars mentioned that they had seen his healthy good figure on the advertisement board standing tall at lively street corner in Shanghai. Therefore, He Rundong starts to have self-confident to continuously take this advertisement for three years.

In these three years, the leading lady actually has been changed three times : from supermodel Lu Yan, star Ju Yingdao, and Lin Jiaqi. Cooperating with three sexy stars, He Rundong said: In the first year, we took individual photos, so there was not much communication with Lu Yan. The second year, I can say that it was the most awkward time for me when taking photos with Qu Ying. Although we actually have known during movie filming, but wearing underpants for the first time in front of the glare of the public eyes was not really comfortable. My heart had to overcome many barriers. Therefore, taking pictures with Qu Ying has given me somewhat marvelous feeling. Although I have never cooperated with Lin Qiaji in the series, we once met in the fashion event. Moreover, it is already the third year, so I can feel familiar with the task and handle it with ease feeling!

It is reported, He Rundongs honor has reached 13,000,000 NT$. As for some people once questioned whether the pictures were being edited, his manager smiled and said: Everybody may take a look and compare the previous two year pictures, He Rundong is genuine material!

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