Album Promo in Taiwan

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Album Promo in Taiwan

Post by fang2 on Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:44 pm

Tungstar news coverage... Peter & JNR in Taiwan (album promo) ~ Feb 2007

In the interview :
Peter felt sorry that he was late for he got trouble with his car. That day, he even asked his dad to pick up Jang Nara at the airport Rolling Eyes

Peter also gave 365 roses for Nara when she had her Beijing concert. For Peter, the roses means that he hopes Nara will be happy every day.

The reporter then commented that roses mean loving and missing the person day by day. Peter replied : "Oh yeah? I don't know about it" Very Happy

Very Happy P's so cute!! But I don't believe that he doesn't know about the meaning of roses!! Surprised

Just c it here :

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